Can food inspection is one of the activities usually done by the Environmental Health and Sanitation Unit to ensure food safety to the public. During the four quarter a number of provision stores were thoroughly inspected on can food, bottles drinks and sachet food product to ensure for safety for the public consumption. This is done because a lot of can foods, bottle drinks, sachet products are usually got expired making them unsafe for human consumption.

Almost all the communities in AKDA do operate provision stores, and other activities relating to can food. Usually when the year is about ending, most of the products, usually become dented, rusted and expired. So during the last quarter these were the provisions stores inspected.

Below are the details.

DateName of ownerType of businessCondition foundRemarks
 Charity Antwi AgygeiProvision store25 itemsAll expired product seized
 Ama AchiamaahProvision store10 productsAll expired products seized
25/11/22Yaa AbrefiProvision store5 productsAll expired produce seized
25/11/22Florence AdongoProvision store2All expired produce seized
25/11/22Afia KwatemaahProvision store9 products  All expired produce seized
  25/11/22Ernestina AsantiProvision store2 products expiredAll expired produce seized
30/11/22Doris GyarmaProvision store26 products expiredAll expired produce seized
01/12/22Akua SarpongProvision store2productAll expired produce seized
01/12/22Maame SerwaaProvision store4productsAll expired produce seized

These are some of the expired products that were seized during the inspection

Action Take

  1. All expired products were seized and owners were invited for further education.
  2. All those who refused the invitation were issued with summons to appear before the court for prosecution.


  1. Some provision store owners deliberately decide to sell expired products to customers due to self interest
  2. Transportation to carry expired products to the Office
  3. Sometimes stores owners obstruct Officers from taking the expired along to the Office.


  1. The Office should have its own vehicle (Pick Up) for such activity

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