Welcome address by Hon assuming:

He thanked the DCE for such a project. He later expressed his interest in Re-election.

Address by Mr. James Asabere.

He expressed his sincere appreciation for the AKDA’s significant contribution to the District’s educational system. He expressed gratitude to the DCE and the members and pledged that the district would always rank first in the Ashanti region and throughout Ghana. He begged that other people should benefit from this thoughtful action in the district’s towns.

Address by DCE

 He expressed his gratitude to the chiefs and contractors for their hard work in completing the project on schedule. For the facility to last a long time, he discussed the need for maintenance. He continued by saying that we should encourage Adumasa locals to take education seriously to support the current government’s strict approach to education. He reiterated that the district is engaged in other fields as well, such as health and roads, in addition to education. Later, he expressed his gratitude to everyone for their support inside the district and committed to trying his best to ensure that the majority of its issues are resolved. He said that even when there are financial difficulties, we should have faith. He stated that although there are economic hardships, we should have trust in the NPP government to redeem us from these hardships.

Address by Adumasa chief

He expressed his unfailing gratitude for this project after it was promised by Hon DCE. He equally thanked the Assemblyman for his enormous contributions to making the project materialize.

He later pleaded that the JHS is chocked and therefore the need to get it rehabilitated

1. Their computer lab has also been stolen and DCE should help get them replaced

2. Library

3. Chip compound was also raised for support in Adumasa.

4. He also pleaded for the facility to be maintained well by the staff and students of the school.

He thanked everyone present for such

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