The Chairman of the Local Government Service Council, Dr. David Wellington Essaw, has inaugurated the Atwima Kwanwoma District Assembly in the Ashanti Region, underscoring the significance of decentralization and local governance in Ghana’s democratic landscape.

Speaking on behalf of the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo on Monday, February 12, 2024, he congratulated all elected assembly members for their success in the 2023 December district level elections.

The chairman reiterated the government’s commitment to deepening decentralization, as mandated by the constitution, emphasizing on the role of the district assemblies in promoting popular participation in governance and decision-making at the grass-root level. Inaugurating the assemblies across the length and breadth of Ghana, Mr. Essaw noted the progress made in decentralization efforts since 1988. He said that the government is now closer to the people than it was before, attributing it to the expanded network of district assemblies.

However, he acknowledged that despite decades of decentralization efforts, there is still a tendency among citizens to look towards the capital city for solutions to local issues.He urged assembly members to change the narrative by constantly engaging their members and delivering basic public services at the local base.Dr. Wellington Essaw mentioned that the instinct of the average person is to look towards the Member of Parliament or the central government for things that fall within the remit of the district assembly. “I am expecting that you would be part of team that finally initiate a change and deepen local governance and decentralization to enable the citizens have access to basic public services in their communities rather than demanding for such services from central government”, he added. The chairman of LGS Council, called for continuous capacity building and sensitization and local governance among citizens of the various localities. He stressed the need of building strong ties with local structures including area and zonal councils, unit committees, identifiable groups and the traditional authorities to optimize the benefits of local governance and facilitate the work of the district assembly. He highlighted the government’s focus on improving the mobilization of internally generated funds (IGFs) for the district’s development. “I call upon you (assembly members) to work together to create innovative ways of mobilizing resources within your areas”, he said. Mr. Wellington Essaw reminded the assembly members of their role in advancing the government’s development agenda, particularly the coordinated programmed of Economic and Social Development Policies (2022-2025). He stressed on the need for alignment with national and sectoral policies to ensure effective implementation of local projects and programmes. Furthermore, he addressed leadership challenges at the district level, nothing the importance of maintaining close contact with electoral areas and consulting constituents and announce upcoming orientation and training programmed to enhance assembly members competence. Adding his voice to it, the District Chief Executive, Hon. Price Karikari, said the event could not be attributed to a singular action carried out by an individual, but rather a culmination of all the people that matter.

“This reiterates our resilience and resolve to ensure that, our designed process and objectives of local governance will be upheld at all times”, he said. He expressed his profound appreciation to the traditional authorities for strengthening their roles as the custodians our heritage and as well remained the source of counsel for societal cohesion and development across the various communities. Source: Information Services Department Atwima kwanwoma District (Samuel Antwi) D.I.O


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