Football loving fans of Ghana after witnessing the performance of the senior national team, the Black Stars have shared their thoughts all over with regards to the abysmal performance of the stars.

Failing to qualify at the group stage without a single win out of the three matches played sparked the anger of many Ghanaians with mixed reactions by a cross-section of the public in the Atwima Kwanwoma District of the Ashanti Region. 

While some members of the public passionately disclosed that the team should be dissolved and the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) asked to step down, others also think is a gradual thing and believe the team is going through a transition and that the public should exercise patience for the team.

Speaking to a section of the public, they expressed their disappointment and worry about the poor performance of the team in recent years which has accounted for the lack of love for the stars. This they said has caused the poor stadium attendance whenever the Black Stars are playing matches unlike some years back.

They continued that, the poor selection of the players, corruption and bad call-ups of players coupled with other bad decisions of the GFA makes it difficult for the fans to comprehend and give them their support since the authorities have made the sport a business and money making venture which takes away the shine of the game and so on.

These respondents contended that the issues raised above facing the country’s football could not be unraveled overnight and therefore called on all well-meaning Ghanaians to come together and demonstrate against the GFA and the Black Stars. They also called on the leadership of the GFA to honourably step down and dissolve the current team and in order to rebuild the national team to win back the love and trust of the fans to supporting them as it used to be.

These respondents in their discussion with the Information Services Department (ISD), added that, the GFA President together with his team should allow the technical team to perform their task without any interference.  By so doing they said could allow the technical staff to assess the team holistically and select a better team to play diligently for Ghana without any favoritism.

On the other hand, people with diverse opinion also felt the current crop of players are the best the country has and what they showcased during the AFCON games at La Cote d’ivoire was the best of performance they could give as players. They believe that the best players were paraded to represent the country but just that luck eluded them and they could not qualify to the next stage of the competition.

They only attributed the players low performance to inadequate time to prepare as a team and rather called on the government together with the football association to sack the coach and hire the services of a top-notch coach for the stars to shine brighter as the used to be in years ago. They called other football loving fans to exercise patience and rally behind the football association and the team for the stars to win back its former glory.

Source: Information Services Department

Atwima Kwanwoma District

(Samuel Antwi)


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